Kristen Stewart: Future Stripper?

Imagine being so darn convincing in a role that there was the potential to do it in real life. Could Julia Roberts be a real life travel writer, despite not actually writing anything in Eat Pray Love? Could Rhys Ifans take to being a drug lord, duck to water style after his portrayal of Howard Marks in Mr Nice? Well they haven’t embraced a career change as of yet but I say, why the heck not?

But with Kristen Stewart, the offer is real. Despite claiming to feel uncomfortable during the stripping scenes in Meet The Rileys, she must have been radiating some sort of stripper-essence as she was offered a straight up job after going to the strip club in the middle of the afternoon for “research”. Hmm…seems like the perfect job hunting time to me.

Well it’s good to know the Twilight star has other options. And not just in employment. If she ever gets bored of Robert Pattinson, walking around New Orleans in her strippers garb she says she could be like “boom, boom, boom, done”. And yes, she is talking about getting boys. Atta girl.

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