Zack Snyder looking for an older Superman?

Though it is now known who will direct the film, news about Superman reboot Man of Steel‘s storyline has left questions somewhat open. Billed as a reboot of sorts, director Zack Snyder has said that his film would “focus on the early days of Superman,” yet screenwriter David S. Goyer has indicated that this will not be an origin story. Then rumour suggested the film may concern Clark Kent traveling the world and wondering if he should even become Superman. So what exactly is going on?

Well, it’s possible that Vulture may have unearthed some more clues about the direction our favourite Kryptonian will be flying in. In a recent interview with Armie Hammer, the solidly framed star currently gracing screens in The Social Network, the blog mentioned that he was on plenty of fan’s wishlists to play Superman in the new film. Responding to the suggestion, Hammer stated; “You know what’s funny? I did talk to my people recently about that for the first time, and I think they’re going a little older with Superman. I hear they’re going 35, 40.” Could this be the good news 39 year-old Jon Hamm has been waiting for?

It is, of course, too early to say. Both Hammer and Hamm are currently little more than fan speculation and with Snyder recently commenting that Superman Returns star Brandon Routh is not yet out of the running, this race is still wide open. Could an older Superman hold up a franchise, let alone a falling plane? Let us know your views.

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