Laurence Fishburne to star in sci-fi thriller The Signal

Laurence Fishburne is one of the great Shakespearean actors working as an A-list Hollywood star. Currently in the Hannibal TV series (which is in fact adapted from the book Red Dragon, rather than Hannibal, in a nomenclature design to utterly confuse all), Laurence Fishburne aka Morpheus (he’ll never escape those movies) is set to star in indie (read: low budget) sci-fi flick The Signal. We’re excited!

The Signal comes from writer/director Will Eubank, who only has one other writer/director credit, for Love, a mildly-received sci-fi that sounds like a cross between Moon and the upcoming Gravity. The Signal, meanwhile, is about three college students lured out to a shack in the New Mexico desert by a rival computer hacker. We’re not entirely sure where the label of “sci-fi” comes into the plot, unless mere mention of hacking is enough. That must mean the up-coming WikiLeaks movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Julian Assange will also be “sci-fi”.

Laurence Fishburne looks to be a major get for the production team, most of the other talent are unknown, or have played relatively minor roles. Good on you for supporting indie films, Laurence Fishburne! Let’s just hope you don’t pull a Predators and grind the movie to a halt.

What Laurence Fishburne performance is your favourite? We’re going to go with Event Horizon, he was great fighting that demon spaceship.

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