Loki gets vaguely foreign poster for Thor: The Dark World

Fewer than seven weeks remain until the UK release of Marvel’s latest CGI extravaganza, Thor: The Dark World. Featuring Christopher Eccleston as some sort of malevolent fairy (we all suspected it) and Natalie Portman in the one role she has conclusively demonstrated she can’t play, the sequel to 2011’s Thor is set to feature hitherto unimagined quantities of biceps, cod-Shakespearean battlecries and, obviously, everyone’s favourite lank-haired villain Loki (Tom Hiddleston). And in celebration of the single best thing to come out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he’s got his own poster. Isn’t it cute?

Click, as ever, to enlarge.

We’re quietly baffled as to why this German poster (“im kino” is a dead giveaway) has a title that is in English but isn’t the English-language title, thus rendering it equally useless to German-speakers and Anglophone film fans. We admit that Thor: die dunkle Welt would sound a bit crap, but it’s not as if ‘Kingdom’ is more of a cognate for German audiences than ‘World’ – ‘the dark kingdom’ translates as ‘das dunkle Reich’, and that seems like more of a Red Skull sort of vibe than something Malekith the Accursed would dig. Are we overthinking this? Probably.

We’re not even sure where the dunkle Reich in question is. Could it be Svartalfheim, one of the Nine Realms and home to Malekith’s distinctly Warhammer-sounding Dark Elves? Could it be our world, Midgard, once Christopher Eccleston’s big pixie head has blocked out the sun? Could it be the bookshelf in Thor’s room, untouched by Asgardian hands ever since he learnt how to use a bench press? Who knows. The film’s out on October 30th, so the good news is we have plenty of time to speculate!

What do you think of this poster? Isn’t Loki’s dagger a bit crap? Let us know below!

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