Madagascar 3 gets a villain

Frances McDormand, of Burn After Reading and Almost Famous fame, has been enticed into a world of talking animals and crazy ninja penguins. She will play the baddie in the third DreamWorks installment Madagascar 3, which continues as the others left off, with some talking animals trying to get home to New York. It is probably another unnecessary sequel, but Madagascar 3 is due in our cinemas in June 2012, so there is time to build up a frenzy of excitment.

But wait, more news reaches us. Zebras, lions, lemurs and Frances McDormand are not enough for this film, oh no. For true entertainment, you must have a Russian tiger, an Italian sea lion and a South American jaguar! In a travelling circus that is mysteriously doing the rounds in Africa. Hmmmm. Scepticism aside, this has the makings of the most bonkers film yet, and I for one am excited at the prospect of King Julien riding a tiger whilst courting a sea lion. Just me?

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