Man Of Steel has an arresting new poster

Man Of Steel is entering full-on media mode for the six-month hype before its release in June. Our next little teasing morsel of info, a teensy nugget of Man of Steel crack, if you will, is the latest poster. It’s dark, mysterious and a little confusing. Still, we do love our minimalist posters here at BFF Towers, and this fits the bill perfectly. Our mouths are moistened and ready for you, Man Of Steel. Wait, that came out wrong.

BOOM. Superman. Lens flare. Soldiers. Shadows and stuff. Handcuffs? No human-man handcuffs could possibly restrain the Man Of Steel! What is going on, Henry Cavill?

Whatever the explanation, we’re sure it’ll be either a) fascinating or b) not fascinating. Here’s looking to Zack Snyder to make us love Superman again! We eagerly await a sensation of awe/disappointment when Man Of Steel punches us in the eyeballs on the 14th June 2013.

Holy crap! How is Supes going to get out of this one? It’s not like he could just break free and fly away, could he? Excited for Man Of Steel?

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