Mark Millar talks Kick-Ass 2

Like a moony teenagers in love, we relish any chance we get to learn more about Kick-Ass 2. And happily for everyone, it seems the comic’s writer Mark Millar is keen to talk about it. In a recent interview with Empire, Mark has dished the dirt on the future of Red Mist and his gang of baddies – and it looks pretty damn dark…

“It’s gangs going all over New York filming atrocities on their cell phones and putting them on the internet,” says Miller, “all trying to outdo each other, all at the behest of Red Mist. My idea for Red Mist was to introduce a supervillain that made Heath Ledger’s Joker look like Cesar Romero’s Joker. He’s basically Charles Manson as a supervillain.”

Gosh. You gotta love a man with ambition, eh? So a lot more fun for Superbad’s Christopher Mintz Plasse…

“Chris said to me he hates the fact that people always call him McLovin’. So my aim was to give him a new name for people to call him. And the villain calls himself The Motherfucker. Chris is The Motherfucker, the worst of all supervillains. But at the same time we continue the story of Dave and all the complications in his life as he gets deeper and deeper into this dangerous hobby he’s got where he dresses up as a superhero and gets beaten up every night. So he forms a gang and what you’ve got then is all the heroes versus all the villians in a big gangfight.”

A big gangfight. Sigh! That’s all we’ve ever wanted. We’re gonna have to wait a while to live out this particular fantasy (release date isn’t until 2012) but hey, at least we can be sure that creator Mark Millar is just as bloodthirsty as we are.

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