Michael Cera goes serious

Michael Cera had the patent on awkward geek comedy, until Jesse Eisenberg came along. But like his freakishly similar counterpart, Cera is finally moving off comedy and into a serious, dramatic role. Seriously.

The Arrested Development and Superbad star is set to act in indie drama Magic, Magic. It sounds like a completely different pace of film to what we’re used to from him, revolving around a group of friends on a trip to a remote area of Chile, where one girl slowly starts to lose her mental faculties and cannot make her friends realise until it’s too late.

The role of the lead girl has not yet been cast, and shooting has not yet begun, but we do know that Chilean director/writer Sebastian Silva, who made 2009’s The Maid, has taken over the project with Mike White producing.

We’re not sure we like this Michael. Where are you going to find the time to look all confused and naïve? Be honest, it’s a comedy really isn’t it?

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