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  • Interview! We talk to the star and director of Donor Unknown

    Donor Unknown is a fascinating documentary which follows one girl’s journey to meet her sperm donor father, and delves into the unknown world of sperm donations and the incredible new kind of family it can create. JoEllen Marsh was that girl and we got to talk to her alongside director Jerry Rothwell about filming that amazing story.

  • Honey 2

    The street dance film is a genre in its own right these days, what with the huge string of them in recent years such as the original Honey film, Step Up, Step Up 2: The Streets, and the soon to be Stepped Up: Now Having a Well-Deserved Rest. Fancy another? Well here you go!

  • Top 10 Indie Film Clichés

    Indie films, you say? What, consistent characteristics being that they are independently made, with low budgets and unknown actors, directors and writers? No, no. They’ve got Michael Cera in, mate.