Monsters University gets rose-tinted new TV spot

It may be six months until we finally get to enrol at Monsters University, but Pixar’s got us sharpening our pencils and dusting off our beer funnels with a beautiful new TV spot to welcome in 2013. Presented in the soft-focus, slightly gimmicky way of all university ads… actually, do we even have them here? We’re vaguely familiar with the ‘panning shot of the quad with a comforting voiceover’ model from the States, but as far as we can recall the closest thing the UK has is sad Underground billboards advertising ‘London Met, where not everyone has a communicable disease’. Anyway, the Monsters University ad is charming as they come BUT doesn’t give us a glimpse of MU’s most famous alumni Mike and Sully – still, we’re not worried. They’ll turn up when they’re good and ready, and until then there’s some lovely architecture to swoon over.

We’ll tell you one thing for nothing, the onsite optician at Monsters University must have his work cut out. What is it with these chaps and non-standard optical arrangements? One, three, two but in an odd arrangement – the list never ends. Never mind learning to scare kids, monsters, start learning to selectively breed all this Picassoesque confusion out of your faces! (We’ve decided that eugenics is the coming thing for 2013. Deal with it.)

Monsters University will be rocking up on campus on July 11th, so until then we suggest you spend some time contemplating the fact that Monsters, Inc. is TWELVE YEARS OLD and mourning your lost youth.

Will you be heading to Monsters University this year? They don’t accept General Studies as a legit A-Level, but who does?

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