New Avatar trailer… somehow.

You know what we didn’t hear enough about? That Pocahontas film about the blue people, what was it called again? The director made quite a famous film about some boat back in the day, erm… oh dear… Avatar! That’s it! Such a shame it slipped so low under the international radar, eh? Fortunately for us though, it’s getting re-released! No, really.

Somehow, some way, James Cameron has decided that squeezing eleventy million gallupty dollars* (*actual figure) out of a feature film isn’t enough, and a re-release of Avatar has been planned for I-Max theatres all over the world. But wait, this isn’t just any old re-release! You think Cameron would simply toss this film back into our laps without any improvements or justification whatsoever? Come on, the guy has some integrity! Those who flock eagerly back to see Avatar 1: 2 – No Seriously, It’s The Same Film will be treated to a whole 7 minutes of extra footage! 7 minutes! In Avatar terms, that’s enough for one more dreamy pan across a landscape, or a really good shot of Sam Worthington furrowing his brow! Where do we sign?

The re-release will be hitting our screens at some point in the summer, but here for your viewing pleasure is the all new (not new) all dancing (same amount of dancing) trailer. It’s like a moving spot the difference.

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