Patel and Bains are second to Naan

Two London film makers who made £500,000 from a film that cost only £900 to produce are being beckoned by Hollywood.

Writer Manish Patel and director Sarjit Bains are soon to hold talks with producers in LA, following the success of their gangster film, Triads, Yardies and Onion Bhajees. The film is about a hit man who must kill to get the girl he desires. Not your typical tinsel-town love story then! The twosome are also the makers of Cash and Curry, which was branded offensive when it was released earlier this month. The film features a scene in which skinheads chant ‘kill the Paki’ and ‘there ain’t no black in the union jack’ while dancing a Bollywood style sequence. The film makers have defended their creation, claiming that they wanted to show both the funny and the dark side of fusing British and Asian cultures.

Despite controversy, the films have attracted big name actors such as Ameet Chana (Bend It Like Beckham), Pooja Shah and Ronny Jhutti (Eastenders). Two new scripts have attracted the attention of the Hollywood ‘fat cats’. One is about a drug dealer in the City and another is a comedy-horror about a Jamaican werewolf in Brixton! The works of these daring talents have only previously been shown in independent and art house theatres. Let’s hope the string pullers are brave enough to allow them onto the big screen!

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