New clip from Jason Reitman’s Young Adult

This film is rapidly becoming one of our most anticipated of 2012. Teaming Jason Reitman (director of Juno, Up In The Air), Diablo Cody (writer of Juno) and Charlize Theron (of Brilliant Acting In Basically Everything fame), Young Adult looks to be everything Bad Teacher wasn’t. We’ve already had a look at the first trailer, and now we’ve got access to another fiendishly lovely little clip which showcases Theron at her subtly horrendous best.

Determined to win back the love of her life – even though he’s now happily married with kids – Mavis Gary (Theron) returns to her home-town with a view of seducing the hell out of him. In this scene, she meets up with her long lost love (Patrick Wilson), hoping to set the flame alight once more…

Why must you be so damned talented, Charlize Theron? It almost excuses the mad inclusion of a renegade ‘z’ in your otherwise charming name. Young Adult is out in the UK on the 10th February, and we’re bloomin well looking forward to it.

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