New Hobbit image shows Bilbo Baggins in Mirkwood

Before we’ve even finished whimpering over just how ace Martin Freeman was in last night’s Sherlock finale, a new image fresh from the set of The Hobbit has arrived to remind us that he’s not just a mild-mannered army doctor, he’s also a badass midget with a sword. HELLS YEAH!

The still, which shows Bilbo Baggins leaning heavily on his enchanted sword Sting (currently free from the blue glow which indicates the presence of Orcs), appears to come from the section of The Hobbit set in the dark forest of Mirkwood. See if you can work out why (click the pic to enlarge) and if you’re stumped we’ll explain more in a minute.

Did you get it? Here’s our logic. After encountering Gollum and finding the One Ring under the Misty Mountains, Bilbo rejoins his dwarven companions and journeys (without Gandalf) into Mirkwood. Various disasters befall them, one of the most exciting being the group’s encounter with a nest of giant spiders. Based on the skeins of spiderweb adhering to Bilbo’s hair and clothes and the unmistakable shape of a spider’s legs in the background, we’re making a spectacular mental leap and suggesting that this still is taken from the moments after Bilbo defeats the spiders, saving the dwarves and further enhancing his reputation with them.

This is all very well, but The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is still not out for NEARLY A YEAR OH MY GOD.

Would you use a magic ring to help you kill giant spiders, or do it like a man? What if you were only a teeny weeny hobbit? Answers (not to exceed 1500 words) below, please.

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