New images from Underworld: Awakening

Look, children. Four new stills of Kate Beckinsale and Michael Ealy have been released from the upcoming Underworld sequel, Underworld: Awakening. We’ve previously covered the new poster for the film and now we have the pleasure of showing you these images which are so exciting we all fell off our seats and began having violent seizures when we saw them.

So have a look (after carefully laying some cushions down on the floor beside your chair) and tell us what you think.

Oh look. It’s Selene (Kate Beckinsale) and she’s standing around wearing leather. You probably saw a snippet of this in the image above and thought, “Wow can’t wait to see the whole of that photo!”. Well you know what, this is it. This is the whole photo. Selene standing a fairly safe distance away from some fire. In leather. There’s just nothing exciting about this. She’s even carefully straddling that puddle so she doesn’t get her boots wet.

OK, so this one’s slightly more interesting. Selene is wearing a non-leather coat for starters. And she’s pointing a gun at a man with a head. Did someone start a safely contained fire at a secure distance, because things are hotting up in here!

We take it back.

These photos could literally be from ANY FILM.

Underworld: Awakening will be out in cinemas and boring filmgoers worldwide early next year.

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