New King’s Speech poster is dreadful

So remember all the hoo-hah about the fact that the Oscar-destroying The King’s Speech had a bad word in it? A word that sounded like duck, but that wasn’t anything at all to do with a duck? And the use of this one word meant that it couldn’t be a PG film, which meant that families didn’t go and watch it? Not that anyone cared, because it was an artistic decision to include the word, it wasn’t gratuitous, and it was great that The Weinsteins stood their ground about it, because it meant they favoured creative merit over money-grabbing? Well they’ve stopped doing all that.

By taking out the offending scene, The Weinsteins have managed to secure another run of The King’s Speech, a run that ALL THE FAMILY CAN ENJOY (money money money money money). To be honest, we probably wouldn’t really care, were it not for this new poster:

Argh! What is this? Where is Geoffrey? God it’s horrible. Does this moment even ever happen in the film, or is it a composite of some scene in Miracle On 34th Street and a bit of mouth-sick? Considering in the UK The King’s Speech has only just dropped out of the box office Top Ten after being up there for months, the Weinsteins aren’t exactly short on profit. Should films give up important aspects of their scenes in order to placate the masses? Or is it simply a case of eliminating irrelevant details so that a wider audience can enjoy it? We don’t know the answer. All we know is that poster is balls.

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