New Lizardy behind-the-scenes clip from The Amazing Spider-Man

We’re breaking our already rather shaky moratorium on Amazing Spider-Man promo footage to show you something that’s actually quite interesting – not the dull TV spot which we’ll include at the end because you’ll only watch it on one of our competitors’ sites if we don’t, but a behind-the-scenes clip in which the Lizard speaks for the first time.

Rhys Ifans gives us a little insight into his perspective on Dr Curt Connors, the one-armed scientist whose experiments in cross-species genetics (aided by clever young thing Peter Parker) turn him from a mild-mannered boffin into a nine foot reptile. Standard.

Here’s the clip:

We still think the Lizard looks a bit plasticky, but this is definitely an improvement on the dodgy still we saw the other day. While we think about it, here’s another clip from a few days ago in which that particular image is given some context:

Reptilian antidote, eh? Interesting… Oh, and here’s the latest TV spots:

Boring, aren’t they? We told you.

The Amazing Spider-Man is out in LESS THAN A MONTH OH MY GOD JUST CALM DOWN.

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