New Muppet Photos!

Disney’s The Muppets is the 7th feature film featuring the gang and, with over 120 Muppets on the casting list, it looks like this one is bound to be their biggest caper yet! With Amy Adams and Jason Segel in tow, we’re expecting some seriously big things from The Muppets comeback.

Big musical numbers, twelve costume changes alone for that diva Miss Piggy, Christian Louboutin “Muppet” heels, retro benjos, plenty of merchandise and plenty of Muppet humour. It seems like this movie has got pretty much everything going for it. They’ve even got cameos from the likes of Jack Black, Mila Kunis, Emily Blunt, Ricky Gervais, Katy Perry and Zach Galifianakis! Huge cast. Huge stakes. HUGE hopes; can The Muppets ever live up to our huge expectations?

We’re pretty sure that it will, judging from the pictures below. Can we hold our horses until February 2012? No! But, by Kermit, we’re going to give it a try…

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