New Spider-Man trailer wraps you in a sticky cocoon of Amazing

It’s two months today until the UK release of The Amazing Spider-Man, and we’ve been served up yet another juicy trailer to complement yesterday’s striking new pictures of the fiendish Lizard and poor battleworn Spidey. Featuring more spectacular stunts, excellent Spidey chat and a complete absence of first-person shots, this is exactly what you need to enliven a dull Friday morning.

Check it:

“You’ve found my weakness… it’s small knives!” That one line has made the film for us already. It’s also interesting to note how heavy the significance of Peter’s search for information about his parents appears to be, which when tied in with Curt Connors’ gnomic questions (“Do you think what happened to you, Peter, was an accident? Do you have any idea what you really are?”) suggest some pretty dark shit going down at OsCorp. And that’s without even discussing the massive bloody missile which appears to fire out the top of the building moments before a newsreader alerts New York City to a biological attack…

As a bonus, have this trailer as well – the updates have been coming so thick and fast that we didn’t cover it when it was released earlier in the week, but it’s got one very interesting aspect…

Did you catch it? “I’ve got to stop him, because I created him.” Peter explicitly takes responsibility for the Lizard’s rampage… suggesting that it is he who finally completes his father’s work with Curt Connors and perfects the serum which transforms the OsCorp scientist into a big green bastard. No, Bruce, the other big green bastard. INTRIGUING!

Two months two months two months!

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