New teaser for Breaking Dawn: Part 2

She’s back, and this time, she’s cold. Yep, Bella has finally succumbed to the sexy undead, and the congratulations are flowing in. Taylor Lautner even dresses in formal-wear for the occasion (read: puts a shirt on), and with only one film left to wrap everything up, we’re left wondering what’s going to happen to Ed’s and Bel’s little bundle of joy. Are we actually wondering? No. But it’ll all be over soon, at least.

TEASER! It starts with the phrase “after 18 years of being utterly ordinary” and then a MASSIVE CLOSE-UP OF HER WEDDING RING, “I’ve finally found that I can shine”. Get married, girls. Get married quick and then you’ll be able to run really, really fast.

Little Hunger Games, hunter-esque there at the end? Just sayin… TEAM KATNISS!

Anyway, it’s out in November. That’s just so far from now.

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