New Trailer for Footloose Remake

A couple of years ago, a remake of a cheesy classic would have left our eyes rolling. “Why does Hollywood have to crap on everything we hold dear?” we’d whine emphatically. Now, with Fright Night, Total Recall and Footloose in orbit, there’s simply too many of them to keep on being pessimistic. We don’t even bother cursing the fact that these remakes are being made. We just hope they’re good.

Oddly, Footloose looks like it might be. With a cast of young unknowns parented by Dennis Quaid and (a hopefully barely present) Andie McDowell, the trailer looks snappy, energetic and has the exact amount of low-level edge that makes a good guilty pleasure. And let’s face it: there was nothing guiltier then the original Footloose. Here, the choreography feels more fluid, the stakes higher and there’s a nod to hip-hop dancing for all you closeted Step Up fans.

(Also at 00:47, does it seem weirdly Deliverance-ey?)

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