New trailer for Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists

Doesn’t it feel like an age since the last Pirates! trailer? Doesn’t it? What with all the recent Muppet excitement you’d almost be forgiven for forgetting about our home-grown animation genius, but luckily Aardman’s Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists is back. Don’t look too relieved. We said almost.

In the all-new trailer the central plot is sketched out far more, and we get a proper look at some of the characters we’d only glimpsed before (Darwin, Sexy Pirate Lady, the Monkey Butler – why aren’t more lists like that?). Prepare for your heart to expand to exploding point:

Thirty seconds of teasing re-hash stuff, and then SO MUCH NEW. There’s a possibility that our trailer judgement has been clouded by the last one we watched (for the mystifyingly awful-looking Mirror Mirror), but come on, this is going to be brilliant. Starring Hugh Grant, Salma Hayak, Brian Blessed, David Tennant and many more, all we can say is roll on March 2011! And God bless the Pirate Captain!

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