Nic Cage has a big shout

Is this proper news? Not really. But does it make us happy? Yes. Nicolas Cage has been caught in Romania absolutely flying off the handle, resurfacing rumours (mainly started by us) that he is in fact a demon encased within a human-shaped candle.

Yes yes, we all get a bit angry from time to time. But so angry that we’re forced to scream “if you want to kill me, go for it, brothers!” on the happy streets of Romania? Not yet. The rant really is quite spectacular, and if you’re up for some early morning screaming (who isn’t?) we’d advise you check it out.

Oh Nic. You do tease us so. Dribbly performances for years, and then you hit us with the glories of Bad Lieutenant and Kick-Ass. And now, just as we’re starting to warm to your ways, you go bat-shit crazy for apparently no reason. We’re not sure whether this has raised our opinion of you or lowered it – all we know is that we want to find out who was on the other end of that phone-call. And shake their demon-provoking hand.

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