Rip Torn pleads guilty to bank break-in

Just when you thought Rip Torn couldn’t be more of a LAD, he has pleaded guilty to breaking into a bank. With a loaded gun. Whilst pissed.

The Oscar-nominated actor, well-known to younger film fans as Agent Z from the Men in Black series, was given a suspended sentence after admitting that he broke into the Bancorp branch in Litchfield, Connecticut – under the apparent impression that it was his house.

Prosecutors noticed that Torn, who is SEVENTY-NINE, carefully removed his hat and boots and left them by the door of the bank before rampaging around it earlier this year. It’s nice to see old-time manners being preserved, isn’t it? Even if the person doing the preserving is a raddled drunk with a pistol and a talent for B&E. We love you, Rip Torn. Don’t ever, you know, accidentally shoot yourself in the face whilst clambering on top of the White House because you thought it was a prostitute. Or something.

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