Oscar Speeches Cut to 45 Seconds

Oh come on guys! Why would you do away with the best part of the entire Oscar ceremony – the tearful and hysterical thank yous from weeping stars and starlets? The organisers of this year’s Academy Awards have instructed all the nominees that this year there’s a strict time limit on winners’ speeches; 45 seconds is your limit.

A new system is going to be introduced instead, a “two speech” method whereby the winner uses the famous podium stint to say “what the Oscar means to them” and then a back-stage thank-you-cam, where the stars can go crazy with gushing praise for their parents, friends, pets and dead presidents that really made their work what it is. The back stage video will then be posted on the internet for all their loved ones to see.

The idea, said Oscars co-producer Bill Mechanic, was quite simple – the elimination of what he termed “the single most hated thing on the show”. Yeah, well maybe for you it was the most hated, but for us lowly mortals the best thing about the Oscars was the fact that at the end of the day, the organisers had no control over a blubbering star. That stuff is gold. Frankly, it’s the thing we love most. The question is, will the stars actually be able to control themselves on the big night itself? We’ll be tuning in to see, as we’ve got a feeling that emotion may just overpower regulation. Play the music!

Reckon cutting the speeches is a good idea? Or are you as enraged as we are? Let us know below!

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