Pacific Rim deploys epic first trailer

Pacific Rim has, for such an epic monster movie, been kept remarkably quiet. Only recently were we finally granted a peek at some tantalising viral propaganda. Aside from that mysterious information dump, things have been mighty quiet around the ol’ Pacific Rim. Until now. Merely laying in wait, this initial trailer for Guillermo del Toro‘s latest is a behemoth of destruction.

TASTE THE ANNIHILATION! Maybe the Mayans miscalculated, because Earth is in for one hell of a battering next year. This past week we’ve seen apocalyptic visions in new trailers for Man of Steel and After Earth, and now Pacific Rim‘s horrific Kaiju are rising from the depths of the ocean to wreak havoc on our tiny planet! One thing they didn’t count on, though: IDRIS ELBA IS CANCELLING THE APOCALYPSE. That’s right. You heard him. Take off your make-up and stick the kettle on, because giant robonic Jaegers (human-powered Megazord-type Kaiju-dispatchers) are going to kick the living shit out of these prehistoric monsters.

Pacific Rim looks to be high in BRRRRRRAMMMMMMMMMMM KRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHH FRNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN-style battling, the scale of which is truly staggering. Of course, bigger isn’t always better, but Guillermo Del Toro knows how to handle the smaller, less important things like character and plot with a certain vim and brio, so we’re not too worried that Pacific Rim appears to be mainly concerned with DRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM PRDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD BRNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

Also, GLaDOS from Portal is in it! Yaysies!

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