Paranormal Activity 3. Yep.

Whether you wanted it or not, the first trailer for Paranormal Activity 3 is out. And it’s coming at us just in time for Halloween. And it’s quite jumpy. And we’re pretty bored of this now, to be honest.

Keeping in line with horror franchise tradition of releasing increasingly crap sequels every Halloween, this one is due late November and seems like it’s going to follow proudly in that custom. There’s no denying that the first film was great (especially the longer version that did the festival circuit before the alternate Steven Spielberg ending was added) but the sequel was compete and utter toss; plot holes, floating babies and all.

But hey, what’s done is done and if we have to live in a world with it, we might as well try and enjoy where they go with it. In for a penny, in for a pound eh? So, let’s have a look at part 3:

Centring once again on a found-footage mystery of some kind, it looks like PA 3’s USP is the use of the classic trope Creepy Little Girls. But does it actually look any good? Well, once you make myself get past the obviously very un-80s videotape section, it starts to get a bit more interesting. The final moments have a nice little turn on the typical horror jump with some clever build-up, but to be honest, it’s nothing we’ve not seen before.

They had my good will for Paranormal Activity 2 and they let me down. Can we learnt to trust again for Paranormal Activity 3?

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