Paul Greengrass to direct Treasure Island?

Looks like Paul Greengrass has fallen in love with a brand new project – and when we say ‘brand new’ we mean the Hollywood version of brand new, ie, a re-make of something old. He’ll be helming a new interpretation of Treasure Island, produced by Sherlock Holmes’ Lionel Wigram, and apparently it’ll be a stylized version of the classic tale. What that actually means, we don’t know. But hey, stylized! Sounds fancy, right? Maybe the sand will be, like, made out of pens or something.

Those Greengrass stalkers among you may be feeling very confused right now – “wait!” we hear you cry, frothing at the mouth, “isn’t he teaming up with James Cameron to remake Fantastic Voyage?” First of all, chill out. And second of all, no, no he’s not. He’s dropped the project after getting his sea-knickers in a twist over Island, leaving Cameron a director short. So who’s going to be picking up the Fantastic slack? Only time will tell.

Did Mr Greengrass choose the right project? Let us know below…

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