Puss In Boots claws its way to US top spot

Considering the increasingly dismal fate of the Shrek world, it’s perhaps not that surprising that Puss In Boots took less than half the money in its opening weekend than Shrek 4, racking up a still-not-to-be-sneezed-at $34 million states-wide. Not quite the cat that got the cream, but certainly not… erm… the cat that…. died.

And when you compare Puss to other films opening on the same weekend, it looks like the spin-off hasn’t actually done too badly at all – technically taking the top spot at the US box office. The Amanda Seyfried/Justin Timberlake sci-fi thriller In Time took a deeply boring $12 million overall, and even the star-power of Johnny Depp couldn’t save poor old The Rum Diary – it took a measly $5 million. Paranormal Activity 3 (the only scary choice on offer this Halloween) is now in its second week of release, sinking to 2nd place in the box office chart with sales down 65%. Could be that the only ones getting scared this Halloween are the cinema execs…

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