Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained releases first clip

Quentin Tarantino‘s take on the Spaghetti Western, due to hit screens on January 18th, pounds our excitement buttons again this week as the first clip of the film is released by The Weinstein Company and revealed courtesy of Don Johnson’s appearance on The Tonight Show. Oh Quentin Tarantino how you excite us!

You can watch Don Johnson talking about the time he hung out with P Diddy (who knew), and the wonderful clip itself here. But we promise we will have a copy online soon so you won’t have to sit through the shameless namedropping and Jay Leno’s meaty head.

This taster clip introduces Don Johnson’s white-suited, Colonel-Sanders-drawling, Southern-plantation-owning gentleman at the moment he meets Christoph Waltz‘s German bounty-hunter and his royal-blue-velveted ‘valet’, Django. Also it has Jamie Foxx being ridiculously cool and stickin it to da man, in the manly form of Leonardo DiCaprio‘s pipe-smoking, slave-holding baddie. Expect Quentin Tarantino to hark back to the original 1966 Django, which earned a remarkable reputation as the most violent film ever made – the powers that be in Britain even refused to assign a certificate to it until 1993. There’s a challenge for you, Quentin Tarantino…

Accompanying this exciting new clip is an equally exciting new TV spot. YOU ARE JUST TOO GOOD TO US, QUENTIN TARANTINO! The buddy-pairing of Waltz and Foxx looks like the greatest mixed-race partnership since Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. Or Samuel L Jackson and John Travolta. Until, of course, Mr. Revolta started making naesea-inducing Christmas albums. LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE, JOHN! YOU’VE MADE QUENTIN TARANTINO CRY!

Ooh, isn’t Leo such a bad baddie?!

So Quentin Tarantino, with all his gory, bloody, pop-culture-referencing glory, will be lighting up our gloomy January, but, until then, remind us of your favourite Tarantino moment?

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