Red band trailer for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo “leaked”

There’s been a fair bit of speculation as to whether to first trailer for the US’s go at The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo has been ripped from Sony’s delicate claws or has actually been pushed onto Youtube by the company itself in a psuedo-indie “milk the networks” type fashion. We don’t really care. They’ve managed to get Led Zeppelin to let them use Immigrant Song, and hell, that’s no easy task (according to the DVD extras of School Of Rock, anyway).

Fincher has been fairly savy with his stylistic choices; evidently aware of the fact that this franchise is known all over the world he doesn’t bother padding out his trailer with character set-up or plot description. Instead, it’s a minute and a half of pacy, atmospheric cut shots, only ever giving us tantalising glimpses of a cast made up of ridiculously well known faces (Daniel Craig, Christopher Plummer, Rooney Mara, to name but a few…). Have a watch:

Now it goes without saying that this is an entirely unnecessary re-make. The Swedish adaptation of the Stieg Larsson novels did the job brilliantly, and brought the incredible Noomi Rapace to the world’s attention. But hey, where there’s money to be made, Hollywood will follow, and it does at least look like this will be another well-executed, exciting thriller from David “The Social Network” Fincher. Embracing the inevitable? We’ve got it written on our stationary…

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