Rush Limbaugh, The Movie

Rush Limbaugh, the shouty, hate-filled, sexist, racist, balding American radio host (who is unfortunately syndicated far and wide in the States and has millions of listeners) has finally gained enough notoriety to earn himself a biopic, with John Cusack currently in talks to play Rush Limbaugh himself. Although we here at Best For Film are completely partisan, it’s difficult to talk about Rush Limbaugh without throwing up a little.

The film is being directed by Betty Thomas, whose last biopic was Howard Stern’s Private Parts, which chronicled the life of the US radio ‘Shock Jock’ and starred Stern as himself. Perhaps deciding that it would be better not to allow Rush Limbaugh to detail his own life, Betty Thomas has been trying to get noted left-winger John Cusack to play the ultra-conservative. Thomas is also known for The Brady Bunch Movie, Dr Dolittle and Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, which is possibly a sign of the direction the biopic might take. Either way, it should make for interesting viewing.

Rush Limbaugh’s bizarre ramblings most recently intersected with the film world after he accused The Dark Knight Rises of being an anti-republican propaganda movie, accusing the character¬†Bane of being a thinly-veiled reference to the Bain Capital investment fund company that Mitt Romney founded. At the time The Dark Knight Rises was released, the company was at the center of a political spat between the Democrats and the Republicans. Considering Bane’s rhetoric in The Dark Knight Rises was mostly about inspiring the poor to overthrow the rich, it seems like an odd comparison for Rush Limbaugh to have made.

What are your favorite biopics? How do you feel about a director famous for comedies handling the life and times of Rush Limbaugh?

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