Sandler to star in French comedy remake

Continuing his endless quest to disappoint and disillusion me by wasting his talents on insipid films (yes, Grown Ups, I am looking at you – what of it?), Adam Sandler has acquired the rights to remake 2004 French comedy The Secret Adventures of Gustave Klopp, the story of a narcoleptic man who becomes a dreamy action hero during his frequent snoozes. Did you notice the dream-based joke we included there? That’s funnier than the entire remake will be.

Sandler’s production company Happy Madison (which, incidentally, has never produced a film capable of being rated ‘fresh’ on Rotten Tomatoes), will doubtless work its stupefying magic on the original, which we haven’t actually seen but quite fancy based on the trailer. Watch it now, because if you accidentally wander into a screening of Sandler’s unnecessary and inevitably Neanderthal remake then you’ll never be able to bring yourself to bother.

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