Sandra Bullock Wins One for Womankind

She might have been languishing in B-grade obscurity of late, but believe it or not, Sandra Bullock’s latest movie has become the highest-grossing female-led film in US box office history.

The Blind Side, a drama about a family that adopts an impoverished yet talented football player, has taken $208.5 million since November despite so far only being released domestically. It stars Bullock among a cast of relative unknowns, so it’s safe to assume she would be the major drawcard (along with the ‘down-and-out disadvantaged boy makes good’ plotline, which Americans are a sucker for).

The only entirely female-led films to have made close to that amount in the US are Mamma Mia!, which grossed $141 million, and Pretty Woman at $178.4 (but presumably Richard Gere, at his silver-haired American Gigolo best at that point, had something to do with that figure too).

Despite lukewarm reviews, Bullock’s other starring role from earlier in 2009, in romantic comedy The Proposal with Ryan Reynolds, also did pretty damn good business – the film grossed $315 million worldwide. According to movie blog /Film, a survey conducted among leading cinema chain execs even rated Bullock the top moneymaking star of last year.

The Blind Side isn’t scheduled for UK release until March 12, so we’ll have to wait till then to see what the fuss is about. Until then, though, it seems the Bullock is back.

What do you think of Sandra’s latest honour – baffling or deserved? Let us know.

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