Secret Catwoman Poster Revealed For The Dark Knight Rises

Now we’re not saying that we’re sick of The Dark Knight Rises already. We’re not saying that. We’re just saying that, you know, there’s only so much film promotional stuff we can take. We’ve had enough of the new posters and banners and film stills.

And the folks hanging out in the Bat Cave have heard our plea. Sort of. Instead of ramming posters down our throat at every given opportunity, they’re going to hide them, like buried trasure, at the end of a long and clue-riddled path.

A hidden QR code on the theatrical poster for The Dark Knight Rises has been followed by a loyal Batman wannabe / future Albert, revealing a brand new poster.

And it’s of Catwoman’s FOOT!

The Dark Knight Rises - Secret - Poster - Catwoman

Check it out; she’s stomping the shit outta that Bat logo. Does she hate Batman? Why does she hate Batman? Is it because she’s bored of all this promotional overkill, or is she just following her feline instinctual hatred of small mammals?


This poster has revealed exactly this; Catwoman hates Batman and she also wears very inappropriate footwear for surefooted supervillain activities.

Do YOU like Anne Hathaway’s fetish footwear? Why?

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