Skyfall: we told you so

Hi guys! Remember when we broke the biggest James Bond story of the millennium (that’s not even hyperbolic) back in April? You probably do, because it was recycled by all the tabloids and caused a grade three Twitterstorm and got us mentioned on the bloody Guardian. But just in case you’ve forgotten, or feel like being reminded, or you were dead in April, here’s the story.


Not really – that’s a link to Editrix Emeritus Tash Hodgson‘s forthcoming Hallowe’en spectacular, because what’s the point of having a site if you can’t occasionally be rabidly self-serving? It’s also a way to kill some time before we say


– just in case you’re spectacularly behind-the-times and don’t know what’s coming up.

Ready? Here’s the real story.

Yeah, you remember now. Anyway, we just wanted to point out that we were totally on the money, as usual. Look out for our (spoiler-free) Skyfall review later today…

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