Sneak Peek! New Avengers Clip Online

Oh sure, we all knew that Marvel’s Avengers Assemble was going to be awesome. But we did have our doubts about Scarlett “hey look at these things” Johansson.

She just doesn’t look all that threatening, does she? Sexy, sure. For a chance. But dangerous? Not so much.

Can a forty-three second clip transform your entire opinion on someone’s superhero abilities?

Yes. yes it can. Check out the Black Widow in action…

Nimble little minx, isn’t she?

Firstly, she can make a phone call with her hands tied behind her back. That’s pretty clever all by itself. Secondly, she can beat the crap outta everyone while tied to a chair.

And, thirdly, she manages to knock a man unconscious using JUST HER HAIR! Don’t believe us? Scroll that video along to 0.29 and watch again… ready, steady, HAIR FLICK OF DEATH!

We’re sorry we ever doubted you Johansson. Anyone with locks of steel is, of course, a worthy S.H.I.E.L.D agent. Though… isn’t that a scene from Charlie’s Angels, only with Drew Barrymore rather than our lass Scarlett? Just a quibble….

What’s your secret Marvel-worthy move?

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