Sony buy the rights to ALF

We really hate Sony. Remember how they’re remaking Jumanji? Remember how they’ve taken almost anything that was good in the 70s and ‘rebooted’ it? Now they’ve seen that people like the idea of a pot-smoking teddy bear and got their sweaty money-grabbing paws on the rights for ALF, an NBC show that aired for four years in the late 80s. The story of a puppet alien called ALF (Alien Life Form) who crash lands in a garage in suburbia and lives with the Tanner family, the show was wildly popular AT THE TIME. These are a selection of ALF’s best bits. This is what people did for fun in the 80s.

Jordan Kenner, the CGI brain behind the latest Smurfs movie, is currently in charge of development with Tom Patchett, the show’s creator, and Paul Fusco, the puppeteer and voice of ALF, also on board. Eventually, Sony will have remade, rebooted and re-queled absolutely everything the 70s and 80s ever produced and then hopefully, when their energy source dries up, they’ll keel over and die. GO AWAY SONY

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