Terminator: The Cartoon

Plans have been announced to turn The Terminator Franchise into a computer generated cartoon. Yes you did read that right.

The CGI movie will take us back to the roots of the franchise, and is set to feature computer generated versions of Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese and even the Governator. But don’t expect a return to the franchise’s violent glory days – the companies behind the idea are keen to get a PG-13 rating for their film. So, expect the same level of watered down violence that we got in McG’s Terminator: Salvation. We suspect it’s also safe to say that you can expect watered down content too.

Yes, we have definitely put cynical faces on regarding this piece of news. Although it could be a good thing – its awfulness may inspire James Cameron to stop messing around with giant smurfs and save his cyborg franchise. Not likely, but we can dream.

So what do you guys think? Is this a bold new move or the final nail in the coffin for The Terminator franchise? Let us know!

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