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  • This Means War

    Reese Witherspoon and two of those action type actors star in a film about action and Reese Witherspoon. A film, incidentally, which was directed by Joseph McGinty ‘look what a stupid mononym I’ve got’ Nichol. It’s mostly guns and punches and stuff, so why isn’t it too dreadful?

  • Top ten films which should be remade by Arnold Schwarzenegger

    We’ve all heard the good news – the Governator has hung up his democratic sash and is preparing to step back into his loincloth/leather jacket/commando boots of unremitting ass-kickery for some new and crunchy films. Among the fifteen projects Arnie is reportedly considering are remakes of Predator and True Lies, as well as yet another Terminator sequel; but we think he should be diversifying…

  • Terminator: Salvation

    It’s 2018: Battle-weary members of the human resistance are rising up against killer machines, desperate to claw back the arid, devestated nuclear wasteland that used to be (fanfare!) the U.S. of goddamn A. Why on earth they’re actually that bothered about fighting for some half-yard of radioactive cinder is anyone’s guess. Everyone’ll be living on Jupiter in 2018.