The Great Gatsby casting continues

There have been a lot of big names chucked at Baz Lurhmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby; so far we’ve got Tobey Macguire, Carey Mulligan and Leo DiCaprio all locked down, and we were pretty sure that as time went by only more would follow. It’s with an air of inevitability then that we can announce that the role of Jordan Baker will be played by Elizabeth Debicki. Wait. Who?

A spritely young Aussie straight out of the Victorian College of the Arts, Elizabeth Debicki is a glorious unknown who apparently swanned into the Gatsby auditions and blew Baz et al away. “It was a surprising result,” said Lurhmann, “but Elizabeth’s grasp of the material and her chemical connectivity to Tobey Maguire, in addition to her striking, athletic appearance, had us in a place where we were fully confident and ready to take the leap of giving the role of Jordan Baker to what, I guess, people would term ‘a discovery.’ We are thrilled.”


We have to say, we’re impressed that he took a risk with such a prominent character, though when a cast has got Leo “BOX OFFICE DYNAMITE” DiCaprio in it you can basically do what you like with the other characters. The only character left to lock down now is that of Tom Buchanan; obnoxious husband to Daisy (Carey Mulligan). What with scheduling difficulties meaning that Ben Affleck is out, who else could do the role justice? Watch this space…

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