The Hangover Part III hits us with a new trailer

The Hangover Part III has a new trailer out ahead of its release and it promises more of the same off-the-wall humour we’ve come to expect from the Wolfpack. Ken Jeong’s bonkers Mr Chow is the focus here, as he is the reason the gang have found themselves in trouble yet again. We also get a look at Jon Goodman as the film’s villain who kidnaps Doug and orders the trio of Stu, Phil and Alan to retrieve $20million from Chow. Have a look at the trailer below:

GOOD BITS: Alan’s hysterical crying is more proof that Zach Galifianakis is one of the finest comic actors around today, and it’s always nice to see Bradley Cooper’s Adonis-like face. The addition of Mr Chow shooting wildly at rogue fowl is never not going to be funny, while Melissa McCarthy and Goodnman are clever and welcome additions to the cast.

BAD BITS: Ed Helms. The histrionics of his character Stu are a little grating by this point – there’s only so many times we can watch him go into meltdown over the next ridiculous thing that happens. The disrespectful mother jokes have been done to death in modern comedies, so seeing two in one trailer feels a bit samey. Justin Bartha gets to do absolutely SOD ALL yet again, and the Wolfpack’s respective wives are underused and/or utterly pointless. Also – THERE’S NO ALCOHOL AT ALL.

As you can see we’re on the fence with this one at BFF, but this won’t stop us from seeing it. The Hangover Part III opens in cinemas on May 24.

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