The Inbetweeners Movie gets a sequel

Oh good. It’s been at least an hour or so since a film studio announced the intention to make a sequel to something, so Damon Beesley, co-producer of The Inbetweeners has decided to pick up the slack. Yup. The boys are apparently coming BACK to our silver screens sometime in the not-so-distant future.

And there’s literally nothing we can do about it.

The 2011 film, interestingly titled The Inbetweeners Movie, saw Simon, Jay, Neil and Will head off on a debauched holiday in Greece. And by debauched we mean they had a few too many cocktails, vomited a few times and insulted a handful of girls. Nobody shagged a monkey or anything.

Being as the film was the highest-grossing British comedy of all time (no, really) with a massive £45 million haul, it’s no wonder the producers are set to milk this cash cow for all she’s worth.

“I don’t want to give too much away at this stage but we have been developing an idea for a sequel… We miss working with Simon, Joe, James and even Blake too much not to give it a go.”

We bet you miss all of that lovely, lovely money as well.

The film is still very much unconfirmed, but it seems likely that, once they bag a script, they’ll get to making it as quickly as possible – the boys have to grow up sometime, after all.

Rumours suggest that the story will focus on the boys throwing a stag-do – did someone say The Hangover? – for dopey Neil, almost definitely with disastrous results and plenty of hilarious misunderstandings along the way.

Are you looking forward to The Inbetweeners sequel? Why?

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