The Mirror Mirror trailer is here

Gosh. Well, we wanted something to distinguish Mirror Mirror from the upcoming Snow White And The Huntsman, and we certainly got it. Mirror Mirror, which stars Julia Roberts, Lily Collins and Nathan Lane (yep) couldn’t look more different from the Kristen Stewart/Charlize Theron offering. Before we go into details, it’s probably best you watch the trailer:

So the main difference between Snow-White And The Huntsman and Mirror Mirror seems to be that team Huntsman want to make, like, an actual, proper film for grown-ups, whereas Mirror Mirror wants to commit a budget panto to screen. Seriously, if you take away the fact that it stars Julia Roberts, we have all the elements for a straight-to-DVD Dreamworks sequel: insipid pop-culure references (“say hello to my little…” – really?), brain-mossing puns (“Snow Who? Snow-Way!”), some dodgy accents (Julia, where exactly are you supposed to be from?) and Nathan Lane as Stupid Man.

“I read so many stories where the prince saves the princess, it’s time we change that ending” – REALLY? “oooh look a girl! A girl who wants to do things!” – you realise that is no longer a quirky thing, Hollywood? OK, sure, this is obviously a much more family-orientated film than Huntsman is, but that’s no excuse for laziness. There’s not a single thing in this trailer we haven’t seen before, and done better.

Urgh. We take it all back, Kristen. We never lost faith in you.

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