The Swarm remake buzzes into life…

In a refreshing change of pace, a remake of a 1970s horror film has been announced. This time Irwin Allen’s The Swarm is getting the treatment.

Producers Roy Lee (The Ring) and Steven Schneider (Paranormal Activity) are reportedly spearheading the project, and the set is sure to be a HIVE of activity as they re-tell the tale of an invading swarm of killer bees, with only Michael Caine standing between them and world destruction.

Seeing as the slightly ropey original is not considered a classic, it does at least stand a chance of being a decent attempt at a new creature in the wake of the vast number of shark and crocodile-based movies that have come out lately. You could say that they have gone to plan BEE on this one. Ahem. Moving swiftly on, Piranha 3D and Rogue have shown in recent years that this kind of film does still have a place amongst the cinema-going public, so this could be one worth looking out for.

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