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  • Best for Film’s Favourite Flicks #12 – Hannah and Her Sisters

    So I made a little list of the films I might want to write about and noticed that there was more than one Woody Allen film in it. There were three by the time I clocked. That’s a pretty sure sign of some sort of bias I would say. So I picked the one I’ve watched most. It’s one of the loveliest films in the world, ever. Here it goes then, Hannah and Her Sisters, you are my choice Best For Film’s Favourite Flicks.

  • Best For Film’s Favourite Flicks #10 – The Muppet Christmas Carol

    Best For Film’s Favourite Flicks returns with a festive offering from our newest recruit. Will Imogen’s paean in defence of The Muppet Christmas Carol thaw your heart, drape your soul with tinsel and generally baste all your tingly private areas in cranberry sauce, or are you determined to stay as dour as Scrooge and insist that, even at Christmas, is the best comedy ever? Bah! Humbug!

  • The Dark Knight Rises

    With the triumphant advent of The Dark Knight Rises , it will be a very long time indeed before Christopher Nolan can no longer be described as the titan of his genre; in every respect, this work stands head and shoulders above its competitors. Rivalled solely by Marvel’s incredible Avengers Assemble, the Batman trilogy is brought to a wholly disturbing, yet graceful close in one of the strongest presentations of our generation.