The Tourist trailer online!

Bringing Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp together in one film was always going to result in one of two things; either their combined beauty power would tear a hole in the universe and we would all get sucked into a horrifying charisma-vortex, or a sex-a-rifficly gorgeous film would get produced. Having seen the trailer, we’re still hoping its the latter.

The Tourist centres on an everyday guy (Depp. ha.) who gets embroiled in a plot of mistaken identity, drug lords and Angelina Jolie stumbling between an American and RP accent. With a few tantalising shots of chases across Venice, seductive hotel rooms and Paul Bettany doing police-cop-chic; you can’t help but get sucked into the sumptuous action. In essence, we have to say that for now it looks like a fairly standard action-thriller, but it looks like the incredibly talented cast might make elevate it to something unmissable.

Check out the trailer below, and give us your verdict…

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