Uwe Boll to direct another film. HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN?!

There is neither justice in the universe, nor any peace in the sweet respite of death. This is the lesson we are forced to take from the fact that Uwe Boll is somehow making another movie. Not just any move, by the way, but a SEQUEL to his awful, awful ‘Dungeon Siege’ movie In the Name of the King.

For those of you wondering who Uwe Boll is, he’s quite literally the worst director in the world. Often also the worst writer and producer. His filmography includes many videogame adaptations, including House of the Dead, BloodRayne and Postal. Do not watch these movies. Even if you’re someone that revels in bad movies, please trust us on this one.

The new film will star Dolph Lundgren (dude, you were just in The Expendables, is it THAT hard to find work?) as a modern day ex-marine, catapulted back through time where he must fight a medieval war using modern day methods. Oh, and there are ninjas. If you think that sounds awesome, then you haven’t been paying attention.

The worst part is that apparently Boll’s a really nice guy. But couldn’t he be a really nice carpenter instead? Or a lawyer. Or a pretty much anything else. Please.

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