Vincent Gallo sues Los Angeles like a complete idiot

Vincent Gallo, Hollywood’s most hated man, has taken his campaign of hatred against everyone who isn’t Vincent Gallo to spectacular new heights – he’s suing the city of Los Angeles for reasons we can’t even pretend to understand.

The man who made ChloĆ« Sevigny fellate him in The Brown Bunny (and subsequently cast a hex on Roger Ebert’s colon after he said it was the worst film in Cannes history) is setting his sights on the City of Angels in an apparent fit of pique about mismanagement of his tax dollars. Gallo’s issue is with a programme called the Arts District Business Improvement District (District), which was intended to transform downtown LA’s arty district (district) but has had mediocre success (district district district). Gallo apparently wants a tax rebate on the basis that the project has not satisfied him.

This is clearly insane, although it’s worth remembering that Gallo (who hasn’t directed a film for nine years now) is the same man who accused Julia Roberts of fucking her brother Eric and said that while he was filming The Funeral director Abel Ferrara was on so much crack that he spent more time trying to pickpocket his actors than actually working. Oh, and he called Spike Jonze an “embarrassing fraud”, Francis Ford Coppola a “fat pig” and Martin Scorsese an “egomaniac has-been”. Those three actors have eighty-nine Oscar nominations and twenty-seven wins between them, Vincent. How many have you got? Oh, really? Sorry we asked, you talentless publicity whore.

Do you hate Vincent Gallo? Good, so do we.

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