War Horse gets its first poster

Reportedly falling in love with the story before he even saw the stage production that made it a critical success – Steven Spielberg’s horses-and-war-and-horses WW1 epic War Horse will be with us in the early new year. But, if you can’t possibly wait until then, there’s the first poster to gaze upon – that’s almost as good, right?

We were treated to the first trailer a couple of months back, and we were quite taken aback at the deeply Classic-90s-Spielberg-ness of it all. John Williams, stirring fonts, epic slow-motion camera pans – it was all there, and it all felt like it was from the past. Well, for better or for worse it looks like the poster is in-keeping with that style. Take a look:

Big horses! Friendship! War! Aching emotion! “Separated by war. Tested by battle. Bound by friendship”. We can almost hear the climactic string music. But we’re not totally sure the tag-line really gets across the emotional turmoil, so we’ve had a quick go:

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